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ULTRATEC V2 RH96 Analog Faceting Machine

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Description: ULTRA TEC V2 RH96 Analog Faceting Machine
System Package Includes:
- 96 Index Gear
- Tabling Adapter (45 degree block)
- Set of 12 Dops (4, 5, 6, 8mm F.V.C.)
- Owners Manual (Printed & Video)

Ultra-tec updates pricing on a quarterly basis. This is a drop ship item, and will ship directly from Ultra-tec. About 2-3 weeks to ship. CA sales tax applies to CA residents. Because this item ships through Ultra-Tec, discounts and free shipping do not apply to this item (it's an Ultra-tec thing.)

Please Note:Orders for faceting machines can not be placed through the online shopping cart. UltraTec's policy requires that they be the one to process credit card payments for faceting machines. Our online shopping carts security is such that we never have access to your credit card number to pass it along to UltraTec. Because of this, orders for machines can be placed by phone 704-299-2853, fax 877-273-2702, or mail. There is a printable order form under the ordering info tab at the top of the page. You are welcome to use the online cart to send us your other order information, and then just contact with your card number. Just select Money Order or Check in the shopping cart drop down payment menu. Sorry, due to sales tax issues, we do not ship Ultra Tec items to California.

Item# [1607.7R.Y]
ULTRATEC V2 RH96 Analog Faceting Machine


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