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Hanneman Jadeite Filter
(Stained Green and Lilac)

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Description:Jadeite Filter
(Stained Green and Lilac)by Dr. Hanneman.
Used for: differentiating between natural and dyed green and lavender jade.

Filters are tools designed to save you time and effort. It is your responsibility to understand what the filters response signifies. Filters are more useful in telling you what a stone is NOT, then what it is. And can be helpful in narrowing down possible identifications.

The filters are 5.5 x 2.5" (about the size of a playing card) and laminated. Instructions for use are printed right on the card. Collect them all!
Who is Dr. Hanneman? Learn more about him here.

Item# [HAN-13F.n]
        $25.00 Out of Stock
Hanneman Jadeite Filter
(Stained Green and Lilac)


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