Selection: 2046.5ct Dark Amethyst Synthetic CZ - Hand Select Gem Rough
  • Family: Synthetic CZ
  • Variety: Dark Amethyst
  • Size: 69 x 38 x 33mm
  • Treatment:
  • Origin:
  • Carats: 2046.50
  • Clarity:
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Big hunk of Dark Amethyst CZ. Great for cutting door knobs or other large projects. Priced to sell!! One extra picture shows the color. May have cracks or flaws, at .02 a carat we didn't look that close.
Item# [dark-amethyst-synthetic-cz-03062014-5.Y]
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  • images/facet-rough/dark-amethyst-synthetic-cz-03062014-5-2.jpg
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