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PrettyRock.com started because we love rocks! It started so innocently when Devin was a child, going to the Franklin, NC gem mines and sluicing for minerals. He never forgot what a thrill it was to find a beautiful rock in his tray. Many years later, while dating, we went to the mines again and had a great time. We started down the road of collecting and Devin eventually learned to facet stones and Beth earned her GG so we would know what we were buying! We have taken several classes at William Holland including opal cutting, and silversmithing. We have also had the good fortune travel to the Tucson show, Brazil, and several mining localities in our region.

We had such a good time playing with rocks that we got the crazy idea we would enjoy working with rocks! The name PrettyRock.com came to us in a moment of inspiration and we never looked back. We built the website. Our goal has been to offer affordable stones, and equipment so that more people have the opportunity to enjoy gemstones. To this end, we have also included many educational pages for gemology and faceting. To help support our faceters, we have a free faceter's gallery to give hand faceters a place to show their stones on the web. We have been thrilled with the positive response we have received from the rock and gem community. We enjoy being able to work with other rock lovers from all over the world and share with you faceting rough, minerals and the equipment we use to identify and appreciate them. We are always open to requests and suggestions. Whether it is changes to the website, or changes to what we offer, let us know.

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Our address is:
PO Box 11652
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