Wedding Anniversary Gems - Gemstones and Minerals

Here are the traditional gifts for each wedding anniversary including gems, alternative gems, and the traditional gifts.

Year Gemstone Alternative Traditional Gift
1st Anniversary Gold Pyrite Paper
2nd Anniversary Garnet Rose Quartz Fiber (Cotton)
3rd Anniversary Pearl Moonstone Leather
4th Anniversary Blue Topaz Blue Zircon Silk
5th Anniversary Rubellite Tourmaline Rose Quartz Silverware
6th Anniversary Amethyst Garnet Wood
7th Anniversary Yellow Sapphire Heliodor Copper
8th Anniversary Green Tourmaline Tsavorite Garnet Bronze
9th Anniversary Lapis Lazuli Tanzanite Copper
10th Anniversary Diamond Clear Quartz Tin
11th Anniversary Turquoise Hematite Steel
12th Anniversary Jade Agate Silk
13th Anniversary Citrine Imperial Topaz Lace
14th Anniversary Opal Selenite Jewelry
15th Anniversary Ruby Rhodolite Garnet Crystal
16th Anniversary Peridot Green Garnet Silver
17th Anniversary Carnelian Citrine Furniture
18th Anniversary Cat's Eye Stones Tiger Eye Porcelain
19th Anniversary Aquamarine Blue Topaz Bronze
20th Anniversary Emerald Emerald China/ Platinum
25th Anniversary Alexandrite Silver Silver
30th Anniversary Diamond Pearls Pearls
35th Anniversary Jade Emerald Coral
40th Anniversary Ruby Rubellite Ruby
45th Anniversary Sapphire Iolite Sapphire
50th Anniversary Gold Imperial Topaz Gold
55th Anniversary Emerald Alexandrite Emerald
60th Anniversary Diamond Diamond Diamond
After 60 years, you get whatever you want !!!!