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Bi-Color Tourmaline - 9.02ct - Hand Select Gem Rough

Bi-Color Tourmaline - 9.02ct - Hand Select Gem Rough

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This long perfectly transitioned pink to green bi-color crystal with termination is a real prize. Just inside is a yellow zircon crystal and across from it is a clear zircon or negative crystal. A cloudy area in the pink just before the green. A hard to see crackle veil runs inside from the green to the pink.
Family : Tourmaline
Variety : Bi-Color
Origin : Afghanistan
Size : 20 x 6 x 5
Treatment : None known
Total Carats : 9.02
Clarity : 80%

Dimensions are in millimeters(mm). If graph paper is shown, it is 1/4 inch
Weight is in carats(ct) for total parcel weight. To find weight in grams divide the carate weight by 5)

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